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Baghouse vs. Cartridge – Round 2

The question has been, “Which is better….a Baghouse or a Cartridge Collector?”  And the answer is a resounding……………………….YES! Reflection Looking over my last post on the subject I quickly realized that I tended to approach the subject from a negative “what not to do” stand point without addressing the positives to any real degree. Well, let’s continue this excursion. Having stressed the importance of proper application of either technology it …Read More

Baghouse vs. Cartridge?

The war of opinions rages on…no, not political in nature this time around, but the expressed opinions of whether or not a Baghouse is better than a Cartridge Collector or the other way around. There are some strong opinions about this subject and while there are certainly good arguments, just like applications, there is not a one size fits all answer to the question. Much of this gets down to …Read More

Combustible Dusts

“Most people don’t believe the fact that you can even make household dust explode.” These words from a Chem Engineer friend of mine some 20 years ago were, at the time, met with a degree of skepticism. Sure, known items like wood dust, pharmaceutical dusts and others were easily identified but it did not take long for that skepticism to vanish and reality to take hold that the list of …Read More

Considering a New Dust Collection System?

The intent here is not to provide heavy instruction but, like most blogs, open lines of communication and provoke thought. Sound deep?…not really. Here, we attempt to discuss issues, mostly centered on the necessities, designs and practices in plant concerns relative to duct collection, explosion protection and vacuum cleaning. (I can see some rolling their eyes and sarcastically thinking “wow, rub down the goose bumps”.) In the last couple decades, …Read More