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Cartridge Collectors

WCC Cartridge Dust Collector
As a leader in providing dust collection systems to a variety of industries, IndustriCorp  supplies a wide variety of cartridge collectors.  It is our ultimate goal to partner with clients who are searching for the most cost-effective solution while delivering the utmost in customer service and quality.

NuPro Steel

Our Equipment

We have been pleased to be associated with Siemens (previously Wheelabrator) for over 20 years. From early on we have found their equipment, both in design and construction, to be truly industrial grade. We have greatly respected their approach to the dust collection industry as being one heavy in true engineering and common sense.  Hype of “new and proprietary” filters and fitments does not exist with Siemens but rather proper application of time tested and proven technologies along with new and improved filter media selections. This enables us to continue to build our list of very satisfied customers.

Our Application Philosophy

It was bound to happen… as air to cloth ratios were used as the primary selection criteria for Baghouse Filters the same was initially applied to Cartridge Collectors. Some manufacturers decided that the more media jammed into a filter cartridge would allow for claims of more air capacity available. However, packing so much media into the dimensional limits of the cartridge filters produced pleats that were so jammed together that if any dirt was able to get into the filter, it certainly could not be properly pulsed out.

IndustriCorp has always found that applying filter cartridge designs with wider pleats and proper media selection in order to maintain the filter’s ability to be cleaned by the regular pulse cleaning designed into the collector was the correct application practice. Longer filter life and a system that is easy to own has always been our goal.

Our Cartridge Collectors Feature

  • Vertically suspended filter cartridges for good dust release and drop out.
  • Lever action filter rails for secure sealing against the tubesheet and easy slide in and out service.WCC cut-a-way
  • Lab Engineered pulse system featuring 1-1/2” Double Diaphragm valves, variable blow hole sizing and locations providing superior pulse cleaning.
  • Hoppers to suit the material handling characteristics of your particular dust or material.
  • Collector inlets, baffles and outlets to suit your application.
  • Pulse Controls to maximize filter life while minimizing compressed air consumption.
  • Design variables available to meet the handling of Combustible Dusts and required Explosion Protection Equipment.
  • Structurally engineered for the application while considering the wind and seismic loads required for the location.

For more information regarding IndustriCorp’s services and product offerings call us at 800-639-3828 or email us at contactus@industricorp.com