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Jet III Baghouses

Jet III Baghouses

Jet III cut-a-wayFILTER1For nearly 100 years Siemens, (previously Wheelabrator)  has provided fabric filter baghouses for the capture and control of dusts of various types.  Through this period of time and lots of R&D, came the development of the Jet III Baghouse.

From the heavy demands and loadings of the aggregates and mining industries to the unique design and filtration considerations of the food and pharmaceutical industries, Siemens provides Jet III baghouses specific to the application.

Equipment Features

  • Choice of Walk-in Clean Air Plenums or Roof Access Doors.
  • Tube Sheets provided with Deep Drawn Bag Cups to provide easier installations and over 6 times the bag sealing surface as the industry standard.
  • Filter Bags of numerous medias to suit the application.Pulse Cleanining System
  • Lab Engineered pulse system featuring 1-1/2” Double Diaphragm valves, variable blow hole sizing and locations providing superior pulse cleaning.
  • Hoppers to suit the material handling characteristics of your particular dust or material.
  • Collector inlets, baffles and outlets to suit your application.
  • Pulse Controls to maximize filter life while minimizing compressed air consumption.
  • Design variables available to meet the handling of Combustible Dusts and required Explosion Protection Equipment.
  • Structurally engineered for the application while considering the wind and seismic loads required for the location.


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