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IndustriCorp is proud to offer MasterDuct flex hose products.  MasterDuct produces a wide variety of lightweight, flexible, abrasive-resistant, heat-tolerant, innovative technical hoses that provide solutions for a wide range of industrial applications and functions.  MasterDuct flex hoses can be used in the following environments:

  • High Temperatures: Foundries, Furnaces and Dryer Systems
  • Dust Collection: Wood dust, metal dust and general dust collection
  • Vehicle Exhaust: Pull-up Hose System, Hose Reel Systems, Engine Exhaust Fumes
  • Toxic Fume Hoses: Paint-spray Extraction, Weld Fume Extraction, Chemical Fume Extraction
  • Food and Pharma: FDA Acceptable Food Grade, Crushable and Food Processor Exhaust


Through IndustriCorp, you have the opportunity to replace worn out industrial hoses, and businesses around the world opt to choose high-performance Masterduct hose products to replace hoses from a variety of manufacturers and vendors.  Our customers have the opportunity to benefit through the use of MasterDuct hoses which are known to be low maintenance, long lasting and of high quality products and design.

For more information regarding IndustriCorp’s services and product offering, call 800-639-3828 or email contactus@industricorp.com

Powders/Dust/Textile Fibers

Fire Risk Areas/Woodworking

Master-Pur SL Flamex SL
Master-Pur L Flamex L
Master-Pur H Flamex H
Master-Pur SL-FG Master-Pur Step
Master-Pur L-FG
Master-Pur H-FG Dangerous Areas (Requiring Electrical Conductivity)
Master-Pur Step FG Master-Pur SL-EC
Master-PVC SL Master-Pur L-EC
Master-PVC L Master-Pur H-EC
Master-PVC H

Chemical Hoses/Corrosive Media

Welding Fumes/Soldering Fumes/AC&Ventilation

Master-Clip Neoprene Master-Clip Vinyl
Master-Clip Hypalon Master-Clip Vinyl EC
Master-Clip Teflon Master-Clip Vinyl A
Master-Clip Teflon H Master-Clip Vinyl B
Master-Clip Teflon H-EC Master-Clip PE
Master-Clip Teflon S Master-Clip PUR
Master-Clip Teflon S-EC Master-Clip Spark
Master-Clip Viton
Master-Clip Kapton

High Temperature Hoses

Exhaust Gas Hoses

Master-Clip Silicon Carflex Super
Master-Clip ISO-Silicon Carflex 350
Master-Clip CAR Carflex 570
Master-Clip ISO-CAR Master-Clip CAR
Master-Clip HT-750 Master-Clip ISO-CAR
Master-Clip HT-930 Master-Clip Kapton
Master-Clip HT-1200 Master-Clip HT 930
Master-Clip HT-2010 Master-Clip HT 1200
Master-Clip NEO 1 Master-Clip HT 2010
Master-Clip NEO 2 Master Clip Loose Lined Hose
Master-Clip SIL 1
Master-Clip SIL 2

Connecting and Installation

Abrasive Solids

Clip-Grip Master-Pur SL-MR
CAR-Grip Master-Pur L-MR
Hose Clamp/Bolt Clamp Master-Pur H-MR
Hose Clamp w/ Worm Gear Drive
Hose Reducer Thermo and Insulating Hoses
Hose Connector Master-Clip Thermo & Insulating